Kent Cartridge TealSteel Waterfowl Shotshells

$21.99 - $209.99 $21.99 - $209.99
Cartridge or Gauge: 12 Gauge
Shell Length: 3"
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Kent Cartridge TealSteel® Waterfowl Shotshells provide high velocities and super dense patterns for shooting fast-flying, darting teal. Teal are comparatively small targets for waterfowl, and these shotgun shells compensate for it with smaller than usual shot size to ensure tight patterns teal can't fly through. The high velocity pellets minimize lead on fast targets. Kent Cartridge TealSteel Waterfowl Shotshells also work well for hunting wood ducks, and upland game in areas that prohibit lead shot. Made with quality brass bases, plastic hulls, shotcups, and concentric pellets.

  • Dense patterns
  • High velocities
  • Quality components
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12 Gauge
250 Rounds