Johnny Morris Patriot

Here's a Rod You'll Be Proud to Own

This custom-quality stick is made right here in the USA! Light, strong, and highly sensitive, it represents American craftsmanship at its finest, yet it comes to you at a price any angler can afford. Purchase a Patriot Rod and you get not only an incredible fishing tool, but also the satisfaction of “buying American” and supporting our workers and economy. And once you take it out on the water, you’ll agree: quality, value, and a passion for the craft are alive and well in America today!

We're proud to offer anglers the very finest American-made rod at a great price

Johnny Morris
Bass Pro Shops® Founder

Johnny Morris Patriot Rods

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RT5 Graphite Blank
Uses only a touch of resin to bind the carbon fibers, resulting in super-strong, sensitive blanks that are extremely lightweight.

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Fuji Guides
Fuji tangle-free K-guides feature tough stainless steel frames and super-hard SiC inserts for the ideal mix of strength, smooth line flow, and durability.


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Winn Grips
Textured polymer grips provide incredible comfort, control, fatigue resistance, and feel. Custom made for us by the world's top golf club grip maker.

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Minimalist Reel Seat
Our extra-light 2-piece design puts your fingers directly on the blank, for lightning-quick vibration transmission.

Johnny and John Paul Morris on the water