Johnny Morris Kids Fishing Club Johnny Morris Kids Fishing Club

Welcome To The Johnny Morris Fishing Club


I’m happy to welcome you to my Kids Fishing Club. The price of admission is sharing your fishing photos and happy memories you’ve made spending time outside with family and friends.

Some of my fondest memories are from days out fishing with my mom and dad and then spending time fishing with my own kids. There’s nothing better than showing photos of your big catch with family and friends – the stories are what fishing is all about.

The Johnny Morris Kids Fishing Club is a place where you can share those photos and connect with other kids who also love fishing and the great outdoors. Can’t wait to hear your big stories!

Happy fishing,

Johnny Morris
Johnny & JP Morris holding bluegill

Johnny with his son, John Paul Morris.


Your young angler now has their own special section of our 1Source bragging board to show off their trophies. Sign up to 1Source and start showing off your favorite kid angler pictures with fish!

Terms & Conditions: Anglers 13 or younger must have consent and participation of a parent or guardian to sign up. Read Privacy Policy regarding children here

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