ION G2 Electric Ice Auger

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Faster and more powerful than ever, 29% lighter than previous models, and powered by the most advanced battery technology available, the ION® G2 Electric Ice Auger is the next level in ice-drilling performance. Its 6-amp, single-cell Gen 2 battery delivers superior longevity and the most consistent cold-weather performance available. This high-end performance powers the 8" G2 version through up to 2,000" of ice and the 10" version through up to 1,200" on a single charge. Lighter than ever, its design weighs in at less than 20 lbs. The powerhead is specifically designed for ease of use on the ice. It's equipped with a high-efficiency, high-torque motor and teamed with a lightweight planetary gear transmission, so you know it will poke hole in the ice for years to come. The high-end composite polymer cutting head cuts through ice quickly and smoothly, like a hot knife through butter. Made of specially engineered nylon and polymer, its flite maintains a flexibility and impact resistance in freezing temperatures. The ION G2 features a precise centering point, which allows for exacting blade positioning when creating new fishing holes or opening frozen-over ice holes. The G2 has a reverse gear that eliminates the need for an ice skimmer. Positioned just below the powerhead, 3 LED lights illuminate your drilling area during late-night ice-fishing excursions. The auger and battery are covered by 3-year manufacturer warranties. Auger length: 40".

  • Faster and more powerful than ever
  • 29% lighter than previous models
  • Most advanced battery technology available
  • Drills up to 2,000" or 1,200" of ice on a single charge
  • High-efficiency, high-torque motor
  • Lightweight planetary gear transmission
  • High-end composite polymer cutting head
  • Flexible and impact-resistant flite
  • 3 LED lights let you drill at night
  • Precise centering point
  • Has a reverse gear
  • Auger length: 40".

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