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The acclaimed iFish Pro 2.0 Tip Up is now more versatile than ever! Now fully insulated, it comes with a bottom cover plate to protect the foam, so there's no need to keep checking for possible freeze-up. Like the original, the iFish Pro 2.0 puts an end to clunky boards and hand-over-hand combat; instead, it combines the set-it-and-forget-it convenience of a tip up with the performance of your favorite rod and reel. With this revolutionary setup, you fight the fish with your rod, not the line, which makes ice fishing far more fun, comfortable, and effective. The system is simpler than it looks. The 12" base covers any auger hole, and the adjustable extension arm with holder allows you to place any ice rod up to 46"L wherever you like. Rig your line with a bobber stop and a sliding iFish Pro Slip Stop (included); adjust your depth as usual; bait up; set the rod in the holder and open the bail; bend the flag down, loop the Slip Stop over the trigger, and set it for a light, medium, or hard trip. When the flag goes up, remove the base from the hole, grab the rod, and set the hook. The iFish Pro's patented trigger mechanism is easily adjustable for everything from large panfish to trophy lakers and pike; its high windward wall helps keep snow out of the hole, and the 14"H double flag ensures easy visibility in all directions. Comes with 7 Slip Stops and an extra trigger.

  • Revolutionary hybrid design
  • Functions as a tip up system for your ice rod
  • Fight the fish with your rod, not the line
  • Now fully insulated to prevent freeze-up
  • 12" base covers any auger hole
  • Adjustable extension arm with rod holder
  • Accommodates any ice rod up to 46"L
  • Patented adjustable trigger mechanism
  • For any size game fish or large panfish
  • High windward wall prevents drifting
  • 14"H double flag for easy visibility
  • Includes 7 Slip Stops and an extra trigger
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