Hunter's Specialties Blade Driver Scent Wafer Blades

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Scent-infused, fan-shaped Wafer Blades by Hunter's Specialties® allow maximum airflow through the scent to for effective scent dispersal over a wider area than conventional scent wicks. Wafer Blades can be hung from a branch, or used in the Hunter's Specialties Blade Driver (sold separately) for maximum scent delivery. Hunter's Specialties Wafer Blades come in attractant scents and cover scents. Includes a scent recharger case for storage. 3-pack.

  • Scent-infused, fan-shaped Wafer Blades
  • Allow maximum airflow through scent
  • Can be used with the Blade Driver
  • Attractant and cover scents

Hunter's Specialties Blade Driver Scent Delivery System sold separately and can be found through item search for number 2317669

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