Hornady HAP Competition Handgun Bullets

$79.99 - $139.99
Bullet Type: HAP
Quantity: 500

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Hornady® HAP Competition Handgun Bullets take the performance of the proven XTP® bullet and refined it to create the perfect competition round. HAP bullets do away with the XTP's expansion aiding skives and cannelure, leaving only a smooth, smooth, straight flying exterior with top concentricity. This sleek copper jacket also protects the nose of the bullet, eliminating possible jams that can cost a competitive shooter a match. The HAP's cold swaged lead core provides consistent balance and stability in flight. All the features combine to deliver peak, pinpoint accuracy on every shot.

  • Precision accuracy and performance
  • Modeled after Hornady's performance XTP bullet design, minus folds and cannelure
  • Sleek, balanced jacket with protected nose for consistent and reliable feeding
  • Combines top concentricity with precision swaged cores
  • Consistent balance and stability in flight for peak, pinpoint accuracy on every shot
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