Hornady Custom Lite Centerfire Rifle Ammo

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Hornady® Custom Lite Centerfire Rifle Ammo offers reduced recoil and muzzle blast from standard centerfire cartridges, making them more pleasant to shoot for beginning or small-framed shooters, without sacrificing performance. Custom Lite ammunition is loaded with either Hornady SST® bullets or their excellent round-nose Interlock® bullets, both of which provide great expansion and reduced chance of core/jacket separation. Reduced powder charges and lighter than usual bullet weights keep recoil down, but still offer flat enough trajectories and plenty of energy for deer-sized game. Hornady offers their Custom Lite Rifle Ammunition in most popular deer cartridges.

  • Great for beginning or small-framed shooters
  • Significantly reduces recoil and muzzle blast
  • Loaded with field proven Hornady bullets
  • Plenty of energy for deer-sized game
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