Hornady Custom Grade Rifle Dies

Description: Series V
Caliber/Gauge: .450 Bushmaster
Size: 1
Diameter: 0.452

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These dies sport a slippage-eliminating Zip-Spindle™ design for a perfectly aligned fit and easy spindle-lock tightening. A sliding alignment sleeve holds the bullet, case neck and seating stem before loading for straight bullet seating. Polished elliptical expander smoothly releases from case necks and eliminates the need for a separate expander die. Wear-reducing, all-steel seater adjustment screw with a compression washer for fine adjustments. Retainer ring for easy cleaning. Sure-Loc™ rings make fine-tuning easy. Sturdy steel decapper. Built-in crimper gives you the ability to crimp without a separate crimping die. Hornady® steel dies are hand-inspected and heat-treated for durability and strength. Their hand-polished mirror finish results in dies so smooth they will never scratch a case. Rifle dies feature an elliptical expander that reduces friction and case-neck stretching. A sliding in-line seating system vertically aligns each bullet with the case neck for perfect centering. Storage box included for storing fully adjusted dies, Lock-N-Load quick change die bushings, shell holder and a taper crimp die.

  • The Series I Rifle Two-Die Set includes a full-length sizer die and a seater die, and is available in most popular bottleneck rifle calibers.
  • The Series II Rifle Three-Die Set is for straight-walled rifle calibers and includes a full-length sizer die, a pistol-style expander die and a seater die.
  • Series IV and V Rifle-Die Sets are made for specialty, wildcat and more-unique rifle calibers. Sets include a full-length sizer die and a seater die. Some sets also include a pistol-style expander die. The .450 Bushmaster die set a fourth die (Taper crimp die).

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Series V
.450 Bushmaster
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