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“Ten bullets through one hole” was the philosophy of J.W. Hornady, the company's founder. This great idea of accuracy and perfection has continued from the first bullet made more than seventy years ago, right through today. Legendary performance. Continuous Innovation. Family owned and operated and made in America since 1949, the Hornady heritage and the Hornady vision continue to shine brightly.


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Never Compromise at Any Distance

Heat Shield Technology

One Tip, Two Bullets! ELD-X & ELD Match. Extend your range, and never compromise at any distance. Hornady engineers, using state of the art aeroballistics software, Doppler radar and decades of bullet performance knowledge have developed an entirely new class of bullet.

Critical Duty Ammunition

FBI Tested and Selected

Designed to meet the needs of those who demand superior barrier penetration and prefer a full-size handgun for their personal protection. Critical Duty® Ammo is loaded with the tough Hornady® FlexLock® bullet that delivers "barrier blind" performance.

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Free Ballistic App with 4DOF

The new Hornady Ballistic Calculator App includes the advanced 4DOF® calculator as well as a standard BC calculator. Providing more accurate trajectory solutions, the 4DOF® calculator incorporates the projectile’s movement in the standard 3 degrees but also adds its movement about its center of gravity and subsequent angle relative to its line of flight, which is the fourth degree of freedom.

RFiD Touch Free Access Technology

RFID-enabled RAPiD Safe

By utilizing patented RFID technology, Hornady Security® RAPiD® Safes offer the quickest, most dependable access to your firearm while providing unmatched security from unauthorized users. Simply place the included RFID wristband, key fob or decal over the safe’s reader and it immediately opens for rapid retrieval of your firearm.

Get up to $184 Free Bullets eith qualifying purchase

Choose from the most durable, precise and convenient tools on the market and receive free bullets to get you started.

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For a limited time, participate in the Hornady Safe & Secure promotion and you’ll receive a free box of Critical Defense ammunition when you purchase an RFID-enabled RAPiD Safe.  Some Exclusions apply

Ammo, pistol, and money laying on table

Critical Defense

When lives are on the line, only the best will do.

LNL AP Press in red

Lock-N-Load AP Press

The next evolution in single stage press technology.

You might have heard of it - yeah, we developed it

6.5 Creedmoor

It's a big deal!