Heddon/Arbogast/Rebel Topwater Kings 12-Piece Kit

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Feed your topwater addiction with a stockpile of bass-catching favorites in the Heddon/Arbogast/Rebel Topwater Kings 12-Piece Kit. The Heddon Zara® Spook Puppy is a 3" version of Heddon's original Zara Spook topwater, a bait that's been written about more than any other fishing lure due to its legendary ''walk-the-dog'' action. To fish the Zara Spook Puppy, use a rhythmic, slack-line twitching retrieve that makes the lure "walk" back and forth, left to right and right to left. Heddon's Torpedo propeller baits are legendary topwater lures that create a tremendous splashing disturbance that's great for schooling fish feeding on or near the water's surface. Whichever size you're casting, this lure's versatile enough to be fished fast or slow, with a steady or sporadic retrieve. One of the most productive big bass baits of all time, the Arbogast® Hula Popper elicits bone-crushing strikes. Its concave mouth creates loud popping sounds and a bubble trail, while the hula skirt offers a seductive bit of fish-attracting flash. It can be plunked, popped, twitched, or jerked. The slower you fish the Hula Popper, the more fish it pulls from cover to the surface. Just reel an Arbogast Jitterbug® in and let it wag back and forth with a deep, gurgling rhythm that bass can't ignore. Bigger bass have been known to follow this long-casting surface bait for half a retrieve before giving in and launching their attack. Rebel® Pop-R Plus has a dressed rear treble featuring hyper light-attracting strands of glitter filament for extra flash.

Kit includes:

  • 4 Heddon Zara Puppy in Baby Bass, Bone, Black Shore Minnow, Glitter Shad
  • 2 Heddon Tiny Torpedo in Baby Bass, Bullfrog
  • 2 Heddon Baby Torpedo in Blue Shiner, Natural Perch
  • 1 Arbogast Hula Popper in Bass
  • 1 Arbogast Jitterbug in Wounded Perch
  • 2 Rebel Pop R Plus in Silver Shad, Green Perch
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