GrovTec GTSL31 Premium Padded Shotgun Shell Sling

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The GrovTec® GTSL31 Premium Padded Shotgun Shell Sling will make you feel as if it is one with your shotgun, not wanting to come apart again, with its high-performance construction and design that won't waver, even on long-distance expeditions through rough, grueling terrain. While in use, the sling will provide noticeable, long-lasting comfort with its durable padded nylon construction, which you'll appreciate under many circumstances, and integrated thumb loop, which helps to relieve pressure on the forearm and hand while stabilizing your shotgun at the same time. This Shotgun Shell Sling includes loop holes to store 4 additional shotgun rounds, and is made of a non-skid material to keep that shotgun in its rightful place on the shoulder. Made in USA.

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