Gobag Waterproof Magnetic Self-Sealing Dry Bag

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Imagine taking your tablet underwater and capturing those unforgettable moments. Just wishful thinking only a couple years ago, but now that's a real possibility with the GoBag Waterproof Magnetic Self-Sealing Dry Bag. This waterproof electronics bag protects your device at depths of 100' while a magnetic double seal keeps out every last spec of sand. The GoBag Waterproof Magnetic Self-Sealing Dry Bag outperforms ordinary phone dry bags thanks to its touchscreen-ready design, so you can touch the screen, buttons, and switches directly and easily through the GoBag. Retains full device functionality—you can take pictures, record video, even place live video calls, with audio, from underwater, to create and share unforgettable moments. This GoBag boasts premium, BPA-free TPU construction for a crystal-clear dry bag that won't interfere with crisp, sharp photos underwater. Featuring the world's only fumble-free automatic magnetic closure, this GoBag dry bag protects your tablet and improves any vacation. Make sure everyone on your trip roster has a GoBag self-sealing dry bag to take your vacation memories to the next level.

  • Self-sealing, waterproof dry bag for iPad® and other tablets
  • Waterproof to 100'
  • Magnetic double seal to keep out sand, dirt, and dust
  • Touchscreen-ready—full access to screen, buttons, and switches through the bag
  • Lets you place video calls with audio from underwater (signal-permitting)
  • Turns any cameraphone or camera-tablet into an underwater camera
  • Premium, durable, BPA-free TPU construction
  • Foolproof, fumble-free automatic magnetic closure
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