Gene Larew Ned Rig Inch Worm

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The Ned Rig is a proven-deadly technique, but anglers have learned: size matters. The Gene Larew® Ned Rig Inch Worm is a high-action, 3-3/4" worm that allows you to quickly downsize your approach without changing baits, and without losing fish appeal. It features a large head, fast-tapering body, and a short straight tail with swim foot that bobs at rest and imparts a tight-swimming action when moved. Forward-facing belly "teeth" add extra vibration as the lure climbs across cover. To modify, you can pinch off the tail to create a full-sized no-action body, or trim the worm as needed to achieve just the right size. Topside molded-in measurement marks are provided in half-inch increments, to allow you to instantly repeat a productive presentation when changing baits. Smooth back with centerline groove for perfect rigging.

  • Designed especially for Ned Rigging
  • Allows you to downsize without changing baits
  • Large head with a fast body taper
  • Forward-facing belly "teeth" add extra vibration
  • Short straight tail with tight-swimming foot
  • Tail can be pinched off for full bulk with no action
  • Trim further as needed to fit fish mood
  • Molded-in measurement marks every half-inch
  • Makes repeating a productive look easy
  • Centerline groove on back for perfect rigging
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