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Gear Guard Protection Plan

About Gear Guard

Protect Your Purchases

Your new outdoor gear is meant to bring you years of enjoyment and adventure. Enroll in the Gear Guard® Protection Plan today.

Gear Guard Offers:

  • No hassle, no deductibles, no hidden fees
  • Peace of mind
  • Covers against accidental damage and breakage not normally provided under the manufacturer’s coverage (US Only, Canada coverage excludes accidental damage and breakage)
  • Pre-paid shipping
  • Fully transferrable; great for gift giving
Products covered by Gear Guard

Products Covered:

The following is a sample listing of products covered by the Gear Guard Service Program.


Tents, Sleeping Bags, Luggage, Flashlights, Backpacks


Cameras, Electronic Games, Watches


Rods, Reels, Combos


Treestands, Binoculars, Rangefinders, Electronics


Grills, Fish Fryers, Meat Processing, Stoves


Radios, Trolling Motors, GPS, Electronics

2-Year Replacement Plan

Available for eligible Products from $25 to $299.99

Coverage begins on date of purchase (see store return policy if within 60 days of plan purchase).
Plan is for 1-time use.
Claim can be made in store, by phone, or online and a pre-paid shipping label will be sent to you to ship back the product.
A Bass Pro Shops gift card will be sent to you, (minus sales tax).

3-Year Repair Plan

Available for eligible Products from $300 to $5,000.

Coverage begins on date of purchase.
Plan may be used multiple times (up to the purchase price).
Claim can be made in store, by phone, or online. Arrangements will be made to repair your product, no deductibles.
Breakage and accidental damage is covered.

From a recent customer survey

"It's nice knowing that if something happened to a product I have purchased, I have assurance that it will be fixed or replaced."

"Because I feel that purchasing the gear guard is necessary when investing in new outdoor gear as you never know when or if something might stop working. I also believe it is better to pay the few dollars for the protection plan rather than pay full price for a replacement."

"I enjoy having the protection that your services give me. Bass Pro Shops is a genuine company and I believe that your offering of these protection plans just furthers your position as a trustworthy business."

"I only buy the highest quality equipment I can afford, reliable equipment is very important to me and a hassle free service policy is invaluable."

"I think the gear guard protection plan is good when you have high investment in gear. Good peace of mind."

"If I am purchasing something a thousand dollars or more you would be crazy not to spend a little more just in case something breaks."

"It is a good investment for expensive purchases."

"It saves money in the long run."


Q:   Does Gear Guard® protect from physical damage or immersion in liquids?

Q:  Will I have to pay for shipping cost with my replacement plan or shipping, parts, and labor if I have a repair plan?

Q: Are scratches or other cosmetic issues covered?

Q: Will I be reimbursed for sales tax if I have a replacement claim?

Q: Does Gear Guard® cover accidental damage not covered by the manufacturer?

Q: Is my plan transferrable?

Q: How do I register my product?
Customers can access the online registration site at, call 877-920-4400, or visit a BPS store to register.

Q: Why do I need Gear Guard if there is a manufacture warranty?
Gear Guard includes prepaid shipping, 100% coverage for parts and labor, there is no hassle with the claim, and it offers peace of mind.

Q: Can I purchase Gear Guard online if I live in Canada?
No, Canada residents can only purchase Gear Guard in retail stores.

Q: Do I have to pay for the parts and labor to fix my equipment?

Q: Does Gear Guard® cover accidental damage not covered by the manufacturer? Excludes coverage in Canada.


For US customers, follow this link to review our latest Terms & Conditions.

For Canadian customers, follow this link.

Register Product/Inquiries:

Registering your Gear Guard® will ensure that any claims you make will be hassle-free!* There are 2 easy ways to register:
1. Visit and enter the number found at the bottom of your receipt (example shown below)
2. Or call 1-877-920-4400

*Products may be registered 24 hours after purchasing, but must be done within 30 days of purchase date.

For Gear Guard Inquiries Visit: or call 1-877-920-4400 8am-9pm CST Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm CST Saturday