Gary Yamamoto Mermaid

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With its stout torso and graceful out-curled legs, the Gary Yamamoto Mermaid creature bait adds unique action to your bass jig or rig. The reverse flare of its legs adds a quick-vibrating, urgent ripple effect as the Mermaid falls through the water column; added to the thickness of the main body, the look is that of an exposed main course attempting to escape. Great as a punch bait or a flipping jig trailer in heavy cover, and equally deadly when used for Texas or Carolina rigging in open water.

  • Adds unique action to your bass jig or rig
  • Stout torso
  • Graceful out-curled legs
  • Delivers a quick-vibrating, urgent ripple on the fall
  • Great on a punch head or flipping jig
  • Can also be used for T-rig or C-rig
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