Garmin GT36UHD-TM UHD Scanning-Sonar Transducer

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Spend less time finding and more time fishing with the incredible clarity of the Garmin® GT36UHD-TM UHD Scanning-Sonar Transducer. Get brilliant image clarity of structure and fish below your boat at greater depths than other high-frequency scanning sonars. Ultra High-Definition ClearVü scanning sonar puts more power on targets via a downward-facing element, while SideVü sonar provides stunningly clear images of structure and fish with 20% greater range at 1,000kHz, so you can see even farther than before. Choose from 455kHz, 800kHz, and 1,000kHz for top performances at all depths. High-contrast, vivid sonar color palettes makes it easy to distinguish targets and structure. Includes mounting hardware for transom or trolling motor.

  • UHD ClearVü and SideVü scanning sonars
  • 20% greater range at 1,000kHz
  • Stunningly clear images
  • 455kHz, 800kHz, and 1,000kHz frequencies
  • Includes mounting hardware for transom or trolling motor
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