Gamakatsu Big River Bait Hooks

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Designed for use with big baits and big fish, it's ideal for the larger cut baits used for big catfish and sturgeon. The unique bend of the Big River Bait Hook is similar to an Octopus hook but has a slightly more exaggerated slope off the back with a harder angle bend at the bottom with a slight beak point, giving it a more aggressive appearance than the Octopus hook. This bend also provides for extra gap to accommodate much larger baits. It is forged for extra strength and it has an up eye for snelling.

Big River Bait Hook
Size Quantity Colors
2 8 Black, Red
1 8 Black, Red
1/0 6 Black, Red
2/0 6 Black, Red
3/0 6 Black, Red
4/0 6 Black, Red
5/0 6 Black, Red
6/0 6 Black, Red
7/0 6 Black
8/0 5 Black
9/0 4 Black
10/0 3
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