Fly Furniture Rotary Fly Drier

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  • Valuable tool for curing epoxy on flies and jigs
  • Properly cured epoxy patterns look crisper and last longer
  • 5 RPM AC motor runs at the ideal rate
  • 4'' slotted foam disc
  • Slots are evenly spaced for proper curing
  • Disc is easy-to-remove

The Fly Furniture Rotary Fly Drier is a must have for any tier who wants their epoxy flies and jigs to look crisp and have a long life. Featuring a 5 RPM AC motor that runs at the ideal rate for curing two-part epoxy and leveling silicone, this Rotary Fly Drier has a 4'' slotted foam disc so flies and jigs can be evenly spaced around the its surface for proper curing. The foam disc is also easy-to-remove so loading and unloading flies and jigs is easy. Made in USA.

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