Fishbites Bag O'Worms Sandworm Alternative Saltwater Bait

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Fishbites® Bag O'Worms® Sandworm Alternative Saltwater Baits are a top-selling Fishbites® favorite! Fishbites Sandworm Alternative Baits are a new take on the most longstanding, popular fishing technique. Great for introducing new anglers to the sport—or anyone skittish about handling live worms. The powerful Fishbites Sandworm scent is effective on a wide variety of saltwater species.

Fishbites Sandworm Alternative Saltwater Baits are not easily stripped off the hook and can withstand numerous strikes, long casts and bait stealers. And while Fishbites scents effectively lure fish, they are barely perceptible to humans. Fishbites Sandworm Alternative Baits are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and readily digestible by fish with no harmful side effects.

In addition, Fishbites Sandworm Alternative baits require no refrigeration and retain their scent for over a year when properly stored. Choose Regular or Large sizes—in Longer-Lasting or Fast-Acting formulas. Made in USA.

  • Offered in Longer-Lasting or Fast-Acting (a.k.a. coldwater) formulas
  • Available in Regular and Large sizes
  • Effective for a wide range of saltwater species
  • Require no refrigeration
  • Retain their scent and durability for more than a year when properly stored
  • Made in USA
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