Field Proven Calls Double Shot Duck Call

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The Field Proven Calls Double Shot Duck Call is the ultimate full-range duck calling machine. This double reed call has a short mouth piece, which allows the call to have deep, low-end quacks and short cadence hens, while easily transitioning to young, high-pitched excited hens. The ability to create multiple pitched hens is an innovation that double reed callers are going to love. The chatter is sharp and crisp and has the control of a single reed. The most impressive aspect of the Double Shot is its volume control. You can whisper the softest quacks and cadences for timber hunting and no wind days. Then in as quick as a deep inhale, you can lay into it to get volume and power. The Double Shot is also great for demanding comeback calls for windy situations and turning the heads of flocks off in the distance. It can also be custom tuned to meet the needs of callers that want stiffer or lighter tuned calls. Comes with the Field Proven Promise Lifetime Warranty. Made in USA.

  • Double reed call to create a full range of calls
  • Perfect for soft or loud calling
  • Can be custom tuned for specific needs
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