Federal Premium Prairie Storm FS Lead Upland Shotgun Shells

Cartridge or Gauge: 16 Gauge
Shell Length: 2-3/4"
Quantity: 25 Rounds
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Federal Premium® designed Prairie Storm® FS Lead™ Upland Shotgun Shells to deliver maximum knockdown power on tough roosters and chukars at varying ranges. Prairie Storm FS Lead uses 70% copper-plated lead shot and 30% nickel-plated FS (FlightStopper®) Lead belted pellets. The FS belted pellets migrate out to the edge of the pattern to increase probable hits at closer range, while cutting large, ragged wound channels at all ranges. All the pellets are buffered in a rear-braking FlightControl® wad that produce tight, uniform patterns to deliver maximum energy down range. Prairie Storm FS Lead Upland Shotgun Shells are loaded in premium, high brass hulls for optimum reliability.

  • Deliver maximum knockdown power
  • 30% nickel-plated FlightStopper pellets
  • 70% copper-plated lead shot
  • Rear-braking FlightControl wad
  • Buffered shot
  • High brass hulls
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