Federal Premium Personal Defense Micro HST Handgun Ammo

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Federal® designed Premium® Personal Defense® Micro HST® Handgun Ammo to provide maximum firepower from smaller (micro-sized) concealed carry handguns meant for self-defense. The HST hollow-point bullet expands on impact in multiple petals that cut through the target, creating wide wound channels, while the gaps between the expanded petals minimize resistance in order to penetrate deep. The specially designed hollow point won't plug while passing through barriers such as drywall and heavy clothing. Personal Defense Micro HST Handgun Ammo is loaded in nickeled cases, minimizing the corrosive effect moisture and sweat can have on brass cases when carried close to the human body for prolonged periods of time.

  • Maximum firepower for smaller, concealed carry handguns
  • HST hollow-point bullet
  • Expands in multiple petals
  • Creates wide wound channels
  • Penetrates deep
  • Nickeled cases
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