Federal Premium 3rd Degree with HEAVYWEIGHT TSS Shotgun Shells

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Due to increased demand, Bass Pro Shops is limiting shotshell ammunition that can be purchased to 1 case or 10 boxes per item.

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Quite possibly the most versatile shotgun load on the market, Federal® Premium® 3rd Degree® with HEAVYWEIGHT® TSS Shotgun Shells offer a 3-stage payload for larger patterns at close distances, while still providing deadly performance at longer ranges. The 3-stage payload consists of #5 copper-plated lead, #6 FLITESTOPPER® lead, and #7 HEAVYWEIGHT TSS to achieve optimal, accurate, and lethal patterns at distances up to 40+ yards. Combined with the FLITECONTROL FLEX® wad, Federal Premium 3rd Degree ammunition out performs most any other turkey round in its class.

  • Three-stage payload for optimal patterns at close and long ranges
  • 20% #6 FLITESTOPPER pellets for forgiving close-range patterns
  • 40% copper-plated #5 lead for lethal performance at mid-range
  • 40% #7 HEAVYWEIGHT TSS for extra-dense, high-energy patterns at 40+ yards
  • FLITECONTROL FLEX wad maximizes flight characteristics of all three shot types
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