Federal Premium 243 Winchester 85 Grain Barnes TSX Centerfire Rifle Ammo

Cartridge or Gauge: .243 Winchester
Grain: 85 Grain
Quantity: 20 Rounds
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Federal Premium® 243 Winchester 85 Grain Barnes® TSX Centerfire Rifle Ammo utilizes Barnes' Triple-Shock X bullets. These proven all-copper, 85-grain hollow points are excellent at delivering long range shots with precision, and mass-effect on target. The monolithic design retains most of its weight on impact and gives you large-diameter expansion. Gain deep penetration with this phenomenal round. The grooved shank greatly reduces carbon fouling, keeping you shooting more between cleans and keeps the accuracy on point.

  • Single-piece copper construction
  • Deep hollow point bullet
  • Grooved bullet shank
  • Excellent weight retention after impact
  • 3200 fps
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