ERC Jig-A-Beast Swim Jig

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ERC's Jig-A-Beast Swim Jig offers the ultimate in versatility. Ranging from traditional lift jigging to straight burning, the Jig-A-Beast is extremely effective using virtually any tactic. Outfitted with a heavy-duty weedguard, painted head and a durable swim shad trailer, the Jig-A-Beast sports a seductively flowing skirt that produces a plump profile and a tantalizing target few beasts can resist.

Jig-A-Best Swim Jig Fishing Tip: Cast a Jig-A-Beast out and count down to your desired depth with a controlled drop. Retrieve at your desired speed working in an occasional pause allowing the Jig-A-Beast to dive; this subtle action often triggers the strike. Also, consider occasional lifts of the rod tip throughout the retrieve thus varying the depth and speed. After a final pause near the boat, quickly bring the lure up while going into your wide figure 8.

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