EasyTroller Trolling Plate


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Size: 50HP-150HP
Description: EasyTroller Standard
Model: 16.1
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It's happened to every troller at least once—accidentally gunning the engine at full throttle before pulling up the trolling plate. The result? Usually a bent plate or damaged shear pins, not to mention costly repair or replacement. The EasyTroller® Trolling Plate can save the day, with its patented hinge design to flex and divert prop thrust downward, preventing any damage to the plate during premature acceleration. The EasyTroller mounts directly to the engine's anti-cavitation plate and snaps down into position behind the prop to slow the boat to your ideal trolling speed. A pull of the cord raises the plate. If you forget to raise the EasyTroller Trolling Plate before accelerating, no worries - the bottom half will simply hinge upward.

  • Patented hinge design to flex and divert prop thrust downward
  • Prevents damage to plate during premature acceleration
  • Slows boat to ideal trolling speeds
  • Patented safety-hinge design
  • Models to fit motors from 30–300 hp
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