Duel Hardcore Ninja Twitch'n Glider Swimbait

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Big fish and clear water demand a substantial bait with irresistible action. The Duel® Hardcore Ninja Twitch'n Glider Swimbait more than meets the challenge with its beefy 7'' size, slow sink, natural head-down tendency, and amazing responsiveness to deft rod work. A steady retrieve elicits a lazy S-swim that gets the attention of cruising bass, pike, and muskies. A gentle twitch makes the bait suddenly cut and glide, and a sharp twitch delivers a full 180Á turnabout that has predators charging in. The Twitch'n Glider's single-jointed body features a durable, replaceable tail section that allows you to mix-and-match colors as desired; 2 anchored rings and a stainless steel pin make swap-outs quick and easy, without compromising on strength. This innovative polycarbonate swimbait is built with top-quality Japanese black nickel hardware, including a pair of sticky-sharp round bend trebles. Dive range: 1-2'. Includes 1 extra tail section.

  • Substantial swimbait with irresistible action
  • Ideal for clear-water trophy bass, muskies, and pike
  • Beefy 7" size
  • Slow sinking, slight head-down posture
  • Amazing rod tip responsiveness
  • Easy-to-execute S-swim, cut 'n' glide, and 180Á turns
  • Durable polycarbonate body
  • Easily replaceable tail section for color changes
  • Single body joint with 2 rings and a stainless steel pin
  • Top-quality Japanese black nickel hardware
  • Includes 1 extra tail section
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