Duel Game Calls Open Reed Cow Elk Call

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Packing both Dual Chamber Technology™ and a FreezeFree™ design into an easy-to-blow open reed elk call, the Duel Game Calls Open Reed Cow Elk Call convinces big bulls you are real and mean business. As vocal as elk are, make sure you head into elk country with quality calls in your pack. This FreezeFree call features an open reed design you can call all day with without freezing up. This special design also cranks out quality sound when wet and gives you realistic sound on soft or loud calls. Dual Chamber Technology projects your call through 2 separate chambers, mimicking the oral and nasal cavities of a real elk for a fuller, vocally realistic sound. Made in USA.
Manufacturer model #: E001.

  • Convince big bull elk you are real and mean business
  • Easy-to-use cow call produces chirps, mews, estrus calls, and more
  • FreezeFree design - calls all day without freeze-up, even blows when wet
  • Dual Chamber Technology - mimics elk's oral and nasal cavity for ultra realism
  • Versatile call handles soft and loud calling
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