Dr. Slick 5'' Split Shot Clamp

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Dr. Slick 5'' Split Shot Clamp

An incredibly innovative and very practical jaw design is what sets the Dr. Slick® 5'' Split Shot Clamp apart from other split shot attachment and removal tools. The Split Shot Clamp features an anvil-like triangle jaw on one side with two recessed indentions and grip grooves on the other side of the jaw to make adding and removing even small split shot easier than ever. When removing split shot, the anvil-like side is used to apply precise leverage letting split shot fall off, while the indentions hold the split shot steady making it easier to attach. Plus, the Split Shot Clamp's straight, slender nose design means they can be used to remove hooks, crush barbs and more. Dr. Slick’s Split Shot Clamp is made from top-quality stainless steel and is machined on the finest German and American machinery available to ensure quality, durability and consistency. Gold loops and one gold jaw.

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