Daiwa Marine Power MP3000 Power Assist Deep Drop/Dredge Trolling Reel

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Fishing at extreme depths with heavy line requires a powerhouse electric reel. The Daiwa Marine Power® MP3000 Power Assist Deep Drop/Dredge Trolling Reel delivers the strength and retrieve speed you need to do so effectively, in 2 hard-working versions. Both the 12V and 24V powered reels are ideal for deep drop fishing to 1500' with 120-lb. braided line; for towing big dredge rigs for swordfish, the 24V MP300 covers the strain with nearly effortless precision, and ensures quick retrieval once the fish is hooked.

Both reels feature Daiwa's exclusive Magsealed ball bearing technology for ultimate protection against saltwater corrosion, and unique Power Lever™ design for instant adjustment of winding speed and power level. Additional features include a machine-cut aluminum frame, sideplates, and spool; stainless steel line guide; machined stainless steel gearing; impressive 16-bearing system with 1 Magsealed, 1 CRBB, and 14 ball bearings; preset Lever Drag; programmable Auto Stop™ feature (additional 1m/1 time setting on 24V only); digital display with line out and distance retrieved readouts; washable design with sealed electronics; manual winding option; rod clamp; power cord; and reel bag.

  • Powerhouse reel for extreme depths
  • Superior strength and retrieve speed
  • Ideal for deep drop and dredge fishing
  • Magsealed bearing technology for corrosion protection
  • Power Lever instantly adjusts winding speed and power
  • Machine-cut aluminum frame, sideplates, and spool
  • Stainless steel line guide
  • Machined stainless steel gearing
  • 16-bearing system
  • 1 Magsealed, 1 CRBB, 14 ball bearings
  • Preset Lever Drag
  • Programmable Auto Stop™ feature
  • Digital display shows line out and distance retrieved
  • Washable design with sealed electronics
  • Manual winding option
  • Rod clamp, power cord, and reel bag

12V specs:
Momentary winding power: 176 lb.
Max winding power: 44 lb.
No-load winding speed: 85m/min

24V specs:
Momentary winding power: 198 lb.
Max winding power: 53 lb.
Auto Stop: 1 meter (one time only)

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