D-Funk Reel Performance

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Quickly remove dirt, salt, and corrosion, and safely lubricate all of your reel's moving parts with D-Funk Reel Performance™. This organically derived, environmentally safe viscous liquid acts as a natural solvent to easily clean metal surfaces and lay down a long-lasting protective lube coat. Its Enhanced Capillary Action allows D-Funk Reel Performance to reach those tight places without disassembling your reel, and it provides an effective barrier to water and performance-robbing contaminants. Leaves no chemical smell behind. D-Funk is also a superb line conditioner. Handy 1.5-oz. squeeze bottle fits in any tackle box or pocket.

  • Cleans, lubricates and protects your reel
  • Quickly removes dirt, salt, and corrosion
  • Leaves behind a long-lasting protective lube coat
  • No need to disassemble the reel
  • Organically derived, environmentally safe
  • No chemical smell
  • Also works as a superb line conditioner
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