Custom Jigs & Spins Rotating Power Minnow

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Once you fish it, you'll understand why the Custom Jigs & Spins Rotating Power Minnow is different from other jigging minnow lures. It has the look and basic action of the classic bait style, right down to the horizontal profile and forage-matched colors, but there the similarity ends. The CJS Rotating Power Minnow has a swiveling eyelet line attachment, which softens its movements and helps eliminates line twist as you jig. On the upward snap, the lure shoots out far and wide, creating a larger strike window. It's designed to be snag free, both at the hole and on the descent; there is no nose hook to hang up on the ice lip, and the rear treble can be removed also. The belly treble is equipped with a molded resin attractor bead, which adds extra appeal for neutral to negative fish. Add in the fact that the Rotating Power Minnow is more compact for its weight than other jigging minnows, and you'll find it both easy to fish and extremely effective for all species, both under the ice and in open water!

  • Classic bait style, with a proven horizontal profile
  • Swiveling eyelet enhances action and reduces line twist
  • Has a much wider swim path than other jigging minnows
  • No nose treble to hang on the rim of your ice hole
  • Rear treble can be easily removed
  • Belly treble features an attractor bead, for finesse
  • Compact profile vs. weight makes it easy to fish
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