Culprit Incredi-Bug

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When it's time to bring out the beef, reach for a Culprit® Incredi-Bug. Its upsized profile is just what's needed to pull that kicker fish to anchor your limit. This is no ordinary creature bait; with its bulky body and 4-1/2" length, the Incredi-Bug is best fished on a 4/0 to 6/0 wide-gap hook. With mass comes weight, and this bait is perfectly suited for both long-distance dock skipping and punching matted cover. Yet the Incredi-Bug performs extremely well in traditional swimming and jigging presentations as well; you can work it slow and subtle, playing to a crawfish bite, or quick and aggressive, with legs flapping frantically like escaping prey. On a Texas rig or a jighead, the Culprit Incredi-Bug offers an imposing presence big bass can't ignore!

  • Big, beefy creature bait
  • Great for targeting larger bass
  • Best on a 4/0 to 6/0 wide-gap hook
  • Fish behind a jighead or on a Texas rig
  • A superior skipping and punching bait
  • Can be worked slow or fast
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