Commercial-Grade Carnivore

Meat Grinders

Your countertop butcher shop for any job

Grind, stuff and package with one versatile tool

Make quick work of meat processing in your kitchen. Cabela’s Carnivore Commercial-Grade grinders have taken home processing to the next level. Grind, stuff, package – do it all with a single tool. Five models grind 7 to 23 lbs. of meat per minute thanks to advancements that most butcher shops can’t match. The Cool-Tek® Gel Ice Pak maximizes performance, enabling the cutting knife to rip through tough connective tissue. Grind all the meats you love with precision and ease, and take total control over what you feed your family.

Whisper-Quiet Performance

You know our grinders are powerful when they’re measured in horsepower. But no matter how powerful it is, no one wants their kitchen to sound like the Indy 500. That’s where our new and improved grinders set themselves apart.

Each new grinder boasts a heavy-duty yet quiet induction motor that produces the power to grind tough, stringy meat into fine, tender hamburger – all without you having to invest in a good set of earplugs


Despite their great power, our previous grinders ran too hot. As meat, fat and connective tissue heat up, they can bind the auger and plug the cutting knife, which forces you to disassemble the grinder to clear the clogs. This is where our new and improved grinders come in.

Each new grinder comes equipped with Cool-Tek Gel Ice Paks, which wrap around the grinder’s head, to help keep the auger cold. When combined with a high-output air-cooled fan, unique air-cowl design and a ribbed motor cover to optimize airflow, you can be sure this grinder stays as cool as a cucumber without losing an ounce of power.



  • Cool-Tek Technology-Gel Ice Pak that attaches to the head that will keep meat cold to prevent clogging and binding
  • One way fit stainless steel two-sided cutting knife
  • Integrated Storage Drawer-Place to store grinder accessories while not in use
  • Stainless Steel grinder-head ring nut makes removing grinder plates easier
  • Auger pull tool for safe and easy auger removal
  • Stainless Steel grinder-head ring nut makes removing grinder plates easier
  • Carry handle
  • Extra-Large non-slip feet to keep you grinder in one place while grinding

Time-Tested Features

  • High Output Air-Cooled Fan
  • Unique air cowl design allows proper airflow to gear housing during operation
  • Ribbed motor cover optimizes airflow


0.5HP Grinder

0.5 Horsepower

0.75HP Grinder

0.75 Horsepower

1HP Grinder

1.00 Horsepower

1.5HP Grinder

1.50 Horsepower

1.75HP Grinder

1.75 Horsepower


Model 0.5HP 0.75HP 1HP 1.5HP 1.75HP
Lbs/Min 4–7 8–10 11–13 14–18 19–23
Watts 370 550 750 1,125 1,320
2-Way Knife No. 8 No. 12 No. 22 No. 32 No. 42
Tray Capacity 142 cu in. 203 cu in. 343 cu in. 424 cu in. 590 cu in.