Clam The Drop Jig Kit

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Color: Assorted Colors

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Get a great assortment of the season's hottest ice jigs in the Clam® The Drop Jig Kit. This convenient 6-pack of jigs gives you 6 assorted colors handpicked by the Clam Ice Team for covering different weather and water conditions, all in one size. Made of tungsten, the compact The Drop will likely become your go-to ice jig for panfish, but it's also been known to pull in big walleyes, bass, and pike; its broad-shouldered design gives it more of a presence, especially when tipped with maggots, mousies, waxies, Susans, or plastic baits. Hangs head down at a natural-looking 45° angle, which ensures a good top-of-mouth hookset. Molded on a quality Hayabusa hook.

  • Contains 6 hot same-size ice fishing jigs
  • Assorted colors for different conditions
  • Compact, easy-handling tungsten head
  • Appealing broad-shouldered design
  • Hangs at a natural 45°, ensuring solid hooking