Clam Rattlin' Blade Spoon

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Get out there and get the job done with the Clam™ Rattlin' Blade Spoon. Featuring vivid glow-in-the-dark patterns, this deadly lure has been upgraded from the original with a loud Pyrex glass rattle to attract fish from a major distance. It contains stainless steel BBs, which are louder and crisper-sounding than standard lead BBs. With its tested and proven knife-like profile, the Clam Rattlin' Blade Spoon flutters enticingly on the way down, unlike traditional slab-style spoons which simply flip and dive.

  • Upgraded with a loud, noisy Pyrex glass rattle
  • Stainless steel BBs are superior to standard lead BBs
  • Attracts fish from long distances
  • Tested and proven knife-like profile
  • Flutters enticingly on the drop
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