Clam Pinhead Mino Spoon Kit

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With the lures in the Clam™ Pinhead Jigging Mino Spoon Kit, you'll be armed for below-ice action in all light conditions. This is the ice fishing spoon made for lethargic feeders, with a distressed head-down design, lifelike slab body profile with raised dorsal fin, flashy interest-rousing flapper, and injured-minnow action on both the lift and the fall. Gets down to the strike zone quickly; rigged with a super-sharp red treble. Kit includes 3 Pinhead Jigging Mino lures in Chartreuse/Lime, Chartreuse/Orange, and Rainbow colors.

  • Ideal for lethargic under-ice feeders
  • Distressed head-down design
  • Slab body profile with raised dorsal fin
  • Flashy flapper blade
  • Irresistible injured-minnow action
  • Super-sharp red treble
  • Kit includes 3 lures in top colors
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