Clam Leech Flutter Spoon Kit

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The flutteriest, flashiest, most natural-looking jigging spoon on hard water. The Clam™ Leech Flutter Spoon is cast from a lightweight zinc alloy material that responds to an aggressive jig stroke with an erratic sideways darting motion, then flutters downward in a slow, enticing dance as you lower your rod tip. Add in its highly reflective plated finish with prominent paint-dot targets and swingin' feathered trailer, and you can imagine what a Leech Flutter Spoon spoon will do to a coldwater walleye's willpower. Perfectly balanced design; quality hook; fast snap included. The Clam Leech Flutter Spoon Kit contains 3 different-colored spoons and comes in your choice of Standard or Glow colors. Standard Colors: Golden Shiner, Perch, Rainbow. Glow Colors: Glow Firetiger, Glow Orange Red, Glow Rainbow. Glow Lightning Colors: Glow Firetiger Lightning, Glow Pink Lightning, Glow Red Lightning. Glow Wonderbread Colors: Glow Wonderbread, Glow Chartreuse Wonderbread, Glow Pink Wonderbread.

  • Fluttery, flashy, extremely natural-looking
  • Cast from a lightweight zinc alloy
  • Erratic sideways darting motion
  • Slow downward flutter
  • Highly reflective plated finish
  • Feathered trailer
  • Quality hook plus fast snap
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