Clam Duckbill Drop Jig

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With its elongated humpback design and near-horizontal swim, the Clam® Duckbill Drop Jig looks exactly like something a fish should eat. Perfect for ice fishing, this jig is molded of tungsten, which is 30% heavier than lead; thus, you get a smaller profile, a quicker drop, and a stronger return on sonar. The Duckbill Drop Jig's unique shape holds a fish's attention, and creates a natural-looking forward glide on the upstroke. Tough non-chipping enamel paint; sticky-sharp 45° hook for secure top-of-mouth hookups.

  • Unique, natural-looking humpback design
  • Premium tungsten construction
  • Falls fast and hangs horizontal
  • Executes a realistic forward glide when jigged
  • Tough non-chipping enamel paint
  • 45° hook for high hooking percentage
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