Clam Dingle Drop Jig

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A tungsten jig with a ball-and-chain attractor for ice fishing? One minute, the Clam® Dingle Drop Jig has you wondering what they'll think of next, and the next, you're reeling in a good one. And so it goes with this innovative ice jig. The tungsten body, being 30% denser than lead, drops quickly, responds crisply to rod tip movements, and is easy to read on sonar. Its teardrop profile and enamel paint create a lifelike look in the water, and its forged nickel hook is slung at a 45° angle for quick hookups. But the most distinctive aspect of the Dingle Drop Jig is unique "dingle ball" attractor, a colored bead suspended on a short metallic chain below the jig body. Every body movement is accompanied by another from the hanging attractor – an exciting trigger for all fish species.

  • Tungsten jig for ice fishing
  • Unique ball-and-chain attractor system
  • Quick on the drop and rod tip response
  • Extra-dense body shows up clearly on sonar
  • Tough enamel paint
  • Angled, forged nickel hook
  • Colored "dingle ball" attractor bead
  • Provides extra movement to trigger strikes
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