Carbon Express Maxima Sable RZ Arrows

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Offering bowhunters an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, Carbon Express® Maxima® Sable RZ Arrows combines top technologies to maximize speed and accuracy with less drop on longer shots. Combining TriSpine and K-360 technology in a smaller .244" inside diameter arrow design, the Maxima Sable RZ continues to push the peak of lightweight hunting arrow performance higher. TriSpine design combines a stiff rear section with RED ZONE® dynamic spine management technology in the middle and a built-in Weight Forward front section, giving you an arrow with 1/3 less oscillation and 4 times the accuracy of a standard carbon arrow. Contained in a thinner diameter shaft for reduced wind drift, maximum kinetic energy, and better penetration, the arrow's RED ZONE middle section contains and lessens dynamic spine flexing during flight to deliver better accuracy and consistency when shooting with broadheads. The arrow's exclusive K-360 3K exterior carbon weave integrates 100% high modulus carbon for consistent spine strength and durability to boost the arrow's strength, stability, and speed. LaunchPad® precision nocks. Protective aircraft aluminum BullDog™ nock collars. Fletched with 2" Q2i Rapt-X vanes. Straightness: ±.002". Weight Tolerance: ±1.0 grains. I.D.: .244".

  • Technology-packed, true-flying, small-diameter hunting arrows
  • Tri-Spine design has 1/3 less oscillation and 4 times the accuracy
  • Smaller .203" I.D. shaft: reduced wind drift and better penetration
  • Stiff rear section provides reduced oscillation and no nock travel
  • RED ZONE dynamic spine management middle section offers optimized broadhead performance and accuracy
  • Built-in Weight Forward front section eliminates broadhead oscillation
  • Exclusive K-360 3K exterior carbon weave - strengthens arrow for strength, stability, and speed
  • 2" Q2i Rapt-X performance vanes
  • LAUNCHPAD precision nocks
  • Protective BullDog nock collars

NOTE: Includes 2 black vanes and 1 gray or white vane.

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