New! Carbon Express Maxima Photon SD Hunting Arrows

Size: 32"
Color: Black
Quantity: 6 Pack

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Giving bowhunters hyper accuracy at all ranges, Carbon Express® Maxima Photon SD Hunting Arrows delivers a superior combination of strength, integrity, speed, and tunability. Combining Carbon Express' custom 30-ton carbon weave construction and advanced TriSpine technology, these arrows recover 25% faster out of the bow than comparable arrows. Generating up to 4 times the accuracy of traditionally-constructed single spine arrows, this TriSpine design utilizes a 360° spine consistency to stabilize and control how the arrow flexes in flight. TriSpine technology combines Red Zone™ dynamic spine management technology through the middle in between stiff ends for 1/3 less oscillation and greater accuracy at all distances, even with broadheads. Contained in a thin diameter shaft (.203 inner diameter), the Maxima Photon SD cuts through the air with reduced wind drift and delivers maximum kinetic energy for better penetration. Made of an aircraft-grade 7074 aluminum, the standard-threaded, 21-grain, premium half-out insert system gives bowhunters the ability to add weight to customize F.O.C. to match his or her preferences, tune, or balance the arrow. This advanced insert system also helps the Maxima Photon SD offer an optimized mass weight that delivers exceptionally fast flight without sacrificing penetration or accuracy. LaunchPad® precision nocks protected by aircraft aluminum BullDog nock collars. Fletched with 2" Quadel Raptor X vanes. Straightness: ±.002". Weight Tolerance: ±1.0 grains. I.D.: .203".

  • Hyper-accurate, advanced small-diameter hunting arrows
  • Tri-Spine design has 1/3 less oscillation and 4 times the accuracy
  • Smaller .203" I.D. shaft: reduced wind drift and better penetration
  • Stiff rear and front section - reduced oscillation and no nock travel
  • RED ZONE dynamic spine management middle section
  • Custom 30-ton carbon weave construction
  • Standard-threaded, premium half-out insert system lets archers add weight to customize F.O.C.
  • LaunchPad precision nocks
  • Protective BullDog nock collars
  • Fletched with 2" Quadel Raptor X vanes
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