Cabela's Classic Perdigon Euro Nymph Fly Assortment

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A must-have fly assortment for Euro-style nymphing, the trout temptations in our Cabela's® Classic Perdigon Euro Nymph Fly Assortment Fly sink right down into the strike zone. The nymph's tungsten bead and jig-style hook drops it fast into the feeding column while realistically bouncing the bottom without snagging. With a Perdigon at the end of your fly line, you'll catch trout like a world-class nymphing pro! Load your fly box with our top-selected Euro nymph patterns for a great price. Cabela's Classic Perdigon Euro Nymph Fly Assortment includes: 9 flies: 1 each of the Perdigon fly in Olive Size 18, Olive Quill Size 14, and Tan Quill Size 14; and 2 each in Olive Quill Size 18, Tan Quill 18, Olive Size 14.

  • Includes 9 flies in assorted sizes and colors
  • Must-have fly pattern for Euro-style nymphing
  • Heavy tungsten bead quickly sinks down where fish like to feed
  • Proven producer in every region
  • Jig-style hooks ride hook-up
  • Realistically bounces the bottom without snagging
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