Buck Bomb Scrape Generator Deer Attractant

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Buck Bomb® Scrape Generator Deer Attractant contains doe-in-heat urine, and buck urine collected during the rut. Scrape Generator works well for making mock scrapes, freshening up natural scrapes, laying scent trails, applying to deer decoys, or for unleashing a potent cloud of scent from your stand or blind. Use all through the rut, from pre-rut to post rut. A unique NVERTR 180-degree ball valve allows the scent to be sprayed in short bursts or you can lock the valve down to disperse the contents all at once. Buck Bomb Scrape Generator is a simple and effective deer attractant that should be standard equipment in all daypacks.
Manufacturer model #: 200026.

  • Estrous doe urine and buck urine
  • Spray in short bursts or all at once
  • Effective from pre-rut through post rut
  • Great for mock scrapes and decoys
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