Browning BPR Performance Rimfire Ammo

$14.99 - $79.99
Cartridge or Gauge: .22 Long Rifle
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Looking for performance-enhanced rimfire ammuntion that won't break the bank? Browning® BPR Performance Rimfire Ammo is manufactured under tight scrutiny with premium components to eliminate any variables that cause inconsistencies in priming, propellant, and projectiles, so you get reliable ignition, superb accuracy, and the correct terminal performance to match its intended purpose. Browning offers a variety of BPR rimfire ammo loads to specifically match your shooting needs, whether it is target practice, hunting, plinking, or pest control.

  • Premium components
  • Reliable ignition
  • Superb accuracy
  • Great terminal performance
  • Variety of loadings to match specific needs

Bullet choices:

High Velocity Hollow Point Bullet: 40-grain HP bullet driven at maximum velocity, delivering a balanced proportion of expansion and penetration. Excellent choice for hunting small game and varmints.

Fragmenting Bullet: 37-grain bullet fragments rapidly into 4 parts after impact creating a large wound channel with limited penetration and minimum risk of ricochet. Great load for hunting varmints and pest control.

Lead Round Nose Bullet: 40-grain LRN bullet with a black oxide coating driven at standard high velocity. Designed to cycle flawlessly in semi-auto firearms. First-rate ammo for informal target shooting and plinking.

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