BOOYAH Elite 3-Piece Hardbait Kit

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With so many ways they can attract an aggressive bite, the proven selections in the BOOYAH® Elite 3-Piece Hardbait Kit boast a superior catch-to-cast ratio in a variety of water column depths. Multiple rattles in the Hard Knocker lipless crankbait live up to the name with loud attraction that mimics the sound of an panicked baitfish attempting escape. The versatile, hard-cutting Boss Pop surface bait with a concave, Easter-egg-shaped face chugs, pops, darts, and spits like crazy, bringing sudden, vicious strikes at any time. Tight engineering, premium hardware, and the added commotion of a feathered rear treble hook make it a deadly option when bass are looking to ambush prey on the surface. The silent, square-lip XCS series wobbles and semi-rolls to attract strikes from shallow-feeding bass keying on the flash and realistic etched scales. Hooks ride up against the body to reduce snags, and the square lip bumps and runs through cover to target the big ones.

  • Attracts an aggressive bite
  • 3 proven selections
  • Effective in a variety of water column depths

BOOYAH Elite 3-Piece Hardbait Kit includes:

  • 1 – Hard Knocker in Rayburn Red (2.5"; 1/2 oz.)
  • 1 – Boss Pop in Bone Shiner (2"; 1/2 oz.)
  • 1 – XCS 100 in Perch (2.25"; 1/2 oz.)
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