Boone Breathable Cases or Bags for Big Game Lures

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Designed for transporting and storing you big game lures, these Boone® Breathable Cases or Bags eliminate the hassle of tangled lures and sun-damaged skirts. Made durable with breathable backs so wet lures can dry. Imported.

A. Single-Pocket Lure Bag Holds up to 3 baits.
B. 5-Pocket Lure Bag Holds up to 15 lures.
C. 8-Pocket Lure Bag Holds up to 24 lures.
D. 6-Pocket Lure Case Holds 6 trolling lures.
E. 12-Pocket Lure Case Holds 12 trolling lures.

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16" x 23"
6-Pocket Lure Case