New! BlackOut MX3 Hunter Micro Diameter Carbon Arrow Shafts

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Build your own smooth-flying micro-diameter hunting arrows exactly the way you want them with BlackOut MX3 Hunter Micro Diameter Carbon Arrow Shafts. A micro-diameter design that delivers extreme F.O.C. and kinetic energy, these high-performance shafts give archers the base for hunting arrows that deliver surgical penetration and lightning-fast flight. Offering a great combination of accuracy, toughness, and impact energy, these shafts ultra-thin diameter helps it fly faster and cut through winds with less deflection for better long range performance. Each MX3 shaft comes with an advanced 50-grain aluminum alloy insert for trustworthy durability, increased F.O.C, and reliable penetration. Made of a high-modulus carbon fiber, each arrow features a spine aligned to the stiff axis and is weight matched to ±0.5 grains for consistent tight groups. Accepts 8/32" diameter points. Nocks included. Straightness tolerance: ±.003". Weight tolerance: ±.5 grains. I.D.: .166.

  • Precise and powerful micro diameter hunting arrow shafts
  • Helps archers build their own high performance arrows the way they want
  • Great combination of performance, toughness, and impact energy
  • Tough high-modulus carbon fiber construction - spine aligned to the stiff axis
  • Micro diameter - less wind drift and fast, flat trajectories
  • Advanced 50-grain aluminum alloy insert - high F.O.C., greater energy at impact
  • Nocks included


  • Straightness tolerance: ±.003"
  • Weight tolerance: ±.5 grains
  • I.D.: .166
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