Black Bart Ika Chain Rig

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Years of experimentation confirm that the Black Bart Ika Chain Rig, with its daisy chain full of blunted bullet head micro lures, will stir up anything that swims. Hunger-crazed tuna, dolphin, wahoo, marlin and more will show up in your wake with their dinner plans already made! This cutting-edge rig comes pre-tuned and tweaked right out of the package, to ensure a perfect trolling run from the start. Includes 4 Ika lures rigged on 150-lb. leader, with the trailer hauling a Black Bart Micro 7/0 stainless steel hookset, plus an embroidered lure bag.

  • Pre-rigged daisy chain
  • Proven deadly on tuna, dolphin, wahoo, marlin
  • Pre-tuned and tweaked to troll perfectly
  • 4 blunted bullet head Ika micro lures
  • Rigged on 150-lb. leader
  • Micro 7/0 stainless steel hookset
  • Includes embroidered lure bag
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